How To

First of all, please decide the number of sushi you want to make.Although there is a balance with other dishes, for example, at a party inviting 10 peoples, if it is a fine sushi roll 2 pcs/per person?

So enter 10 peoples × 2 pieces = '20' in the first row input field.

And enter the amount of sushi rice to put per piece.
Such as big roll, medium thin roll, etc. please refer to the amount of 💬(Fig.「Reference amount」).

Likewise, we will enter the amount of ingredients per piece referring to 💬.

Then press the 'Calc !' button.

Then, the amount of 'sushi rice' necessary for the number of sushi rolls you wanted to prepare in the top row, the amount of other ingredients,the amount of raw rice needed to make that sushi rice, the amount of sushi vinegar, and make that sushi vinegar The amount of sushi vinegar needed for is calculated.

We recommend that you prepare 10% to 20% more for the amount because errors will occur.